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I am all about hard work and doing what I love – helping people. After an impressive career in the travel and entertainment industry catering to every need of extremely high profile individuals, my love of real estate took over (2001) and the next venture began. Central to my success in real estate is my expansive network, relationships, and dedication to providing a unmatched level of service and results. Experience in the Beverly Hills area and the Bay Area through markets up and down gives me a unique perspective, bringing expertise, clarity, sophistication, and sound judgment to those who turn to me as a trusted adviser.

My clients include entertainment industry professionals, celebrities, key business owners, city managers, the CIO for the White House, techies, and two individuals on the Forbes 400 list. Though these powerhouses are the backbone to my clientele, I have always welcomed all types of clients. Given my high profile persona, I am down to earth, warm, with an uncanny ability to connect on a personal level.

I am an expert at the negotiating table and embrace the most challenging situations with creativity and thoughtfulness. With endless enthusiasm and high energy, I am respected for my no nonsense approach, professionalism, and the astounding ability to make things happen when others can’t.